A digital trail to medieval Zoutleeuw

Lewa is a digital trail that enables you to discover the development of the city of Zoutleeuw in the Middle Ages on your own. How and when did the city arise? Who was in power? Why did the city evolve into one of the seven ‘good’ or ‘free’ cities of the duchy of Brabant in the thirteenth century? What was the influence of the location next to the river the Little Gete on the growth of the city? The historical trail guides you through the rich past of the city, step by step, combining medieval relics in the landscape with texts, pictures and historical maps. A smartphone or a tablet with internet access is all you need to start. The trail is free of charge and is offered in several languages (Dutch, French, English, German). You decide yourself when and how fast you cover the trail, independent of the opening hours of the tourist office or the availability of tour guides. At an average speed, you can cover the distance of 2,5 km in 2 hours.